Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Have I got the right book?

So, 'The Creative Writing Student's Handbook' doesn't, on reading the first chapter, appear to be designed for me. I read what it appears to be advice on what to expect from my creative writing teacher, what they can and cannot do and how you can be a good student. Thinking that I’m not, in any traditional sense, a creative writing student, I re-inspected the cover. “The Creative Writing Student’s Handbook” ah, so the clue is in the name, if you are a “Creative Writing Student” then this would be good “Handbook”. Turning the book over I read the back cover, the blurb goes like this:

“This new handbook takes students through the entire creative writing process.

You will find plenty of practical advice, helpful exercises, lots of tips and links to useful websites in this indispensable manual for new and seasoned writers alike.”

 Actually, that sounds a lot more like it. I’ll push on (it’s only day two after all) and let you know how it goes, in fact I've found an exercise at the end of the chapter so I’ll sit down and do that then post it on here.

The first thing I have actually done, as a result of chapter one is pick up a writer's notebook. I thought this one might inspire a good work ethic.

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