Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It's day one.

So I want to be a writer and I think a few people know this. Some friends and family have given me  a variety of books over the years to help me achieve my ambition and to my shame I haven't properly read or done the exercises in any of them. Today I'm going to start.

I should point out that I'm not really a writer. In fact simply the statement 'not really a writer' greatly overstates how much of a writer I am. So I consider myself a relatively blank slate, I love words though, I love finding great descriptions in books or a clever use of a word. From this lowly base I would love to write a book but I simply am not yet clever enough. That's where the books/workshops/online courses on writing come in. I'm going to get on with being a bit more clever and learn the difference between arse and elbow. 

First up is 'The Creative Writing Student's Handbook' by Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James, seen here amongst the clutter of my desk. The first thing you might notice is that I've actually started it. I found a piece of paper tucked inside on page 32 which I assume is as far as I got last time. This will be different, I'm going to post any excercises I do on here as well as my impressions and thoughts as the process goes on.

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